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Your Imagination is our Creation!

At Simply Designing we offer you high quality products beautifully cut and engraved on a laser machine. The laser cutting and engraving is an exciting part of our company.
Personalized service and attention to detail means that you aren't just another customer to us.
Every day we find new ideas and challenges from our clients.
The possibilities are literally endless!!

Spitfire cut out of 3mm perspex We cut and create....

Event and Wedding accessories
Hobby and Craft accessories
Custom Sign Lettering and Logos
Engraving of Glasses and Wine Bottles
Corporate Gifts
Custom Personalized Gifts
Cutting and Engraving of Fabric and Leather
Cutting and Engraving of Wood, Plastic, Perspex, Plastic, Paper and Cardboard
Engraving of Ceramics, Pebbles and Stone
Home Decor, Wedding Accesories, Party Packs, Gifts and Decorations
Custom Model Parts
Custom Wood,Leather and Perspex Jewelry
Custom Invitation and Greetings Cards
Scrap-booking and Craft accessories
Wooden Blanks for Mosaic
Custom Letters and Words on Perspex, Wood and Fabric
Cutting of Stencils
Educational Toys

In our Gallery you will see some samples of typical items made. These range from cutting and engraving wood, plastic, acrylics, leather, clothing, leather and paper of various types and thicknesses. We also engrave tiles, glass, pebbles and metals. We have had great success with engraving photos on tiles and glass. We also engrave circular objects such as jars, mugs, flasks and drinking glasses. We can cut circular objects such as cardboard cylinders and acrylic tubes.
Please contact us for any specific details or any other items not listed above.

Let us bring Your Imagination alive