Laser cutting

Laser cutting is acheived when the beam of the laser is directed by the lines of a vector file. The accuracy of the cut is very precise which allows objects to be cut to a fine tolerance. Laser cutting acrylics on our machine will, unlike conventional mechanical techniques, produce cut pieces with a polished edge that will not require flame or diamond polishing. Also, because the laser beam is so fine, intricate shapes with sharp corners can be produced. Some materials like plywood and mdf may be left with some scorch marks where the laser is literally burning away the material as it cuts. We can laser cut wood materials, plastics, fabric or card modelling for architectural scale buildings, artwork, shapes for quilting, stencils and engineering jigs and tooling plus many other subjects too numerous to mention.

For laser cutting we require vector files, preferably in DXF or CDR format but we can convert from most other vector formats.